JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 7: 71~80/1017

Today’s new 10 Kanji

  1. 詳 ショウ・クワ(しい)detailed, full, minute, accurate, well-informed
  2. 鏡 キョウ・かがみ mirror, speculum, barrel-head, round rice-cake offering
  3. 奏 ソウ・かな(でる)play music, speak to a ruler, complete
  4. 盛 セイ・ジョウ・も(る)・さか(る)・さか(ん)boom, prosper, copulate
  5. 携 ケイ・たずさ(える)・たずさ(わる)portable, carry (in hand), armed with, bring along
  6. 謝 シャ・あやま(る)apologize, thank, refuse
  7. 邪 ジャ wicked, injustice, wrong
  8. 悔 カイ・く(いる)・く(やむ)・くや(しい)repent, regret
  9. 削 サク・けず(る)plane, sharpen, whittle, pare, shave
  10. 継 ケイ・つ(く)inherit, succeed, continue, patch, graft (tree)

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