JLPT N1 VOCABULARY DAY 7: #201-225/2000

Here are today’s 25 new words from the Memrise App.

One of the reasons I study so many words in one day is because I personally feel that a lot of the words in this level are more like review words than brand new vocabulary. Especially for anyone who has completed level N2. (I mean, come on, 週末?? Is that REALLY N1 vocabulary?)

I feel like in every 25-word level in this app, there are about 3 words that are new to me, a few that are unfamiliar but I’ve seen before, and then all the rest (about 75%) are review words.

Anyway, here are the words and happy studying/reviewing!

  1. 添える そえる attach; append
  2. 叶える かなえる to grant (request; wish); to fulfill; to realize
  3. 瞬間 しゅんかん moment; instant
  4. 領域 りょういき area; domain; territory; field; range; region; regime
  5. 素材 そざい raw materials; subject matter
  6. 花粉 かふん pollen
  7. 火災 かさい fire
  8. どころか never mind; much
  9. 週末 しゅうまつ weekend
  10. 運命 うんめい destiny
  11. 落ち込む おちこむ to get depressed
  12. ずらっと in a line; an array of
  13. 軽率 けいそつ rash; light-headed; careless
  14. 独自 どくじ peculiar; unique characteristics; original; proprietary
  15. 露骨 ろこつ plain; open; frank
  16. 賢明 けんめい wise; sensible
  17. 高尚 こうしょう high; noble; sophisticated
  18. 案の定 あんのじょう one expected; sure enough
  19. 化学 かがく chemistry
  20. 類似 るいじ likeness; similarity
  21. 沈黙 ちんもく silence
  22. 得点 とくてん score; points
  23. 直感 ちょっかん intuition; hunch
  24. 訴訟 そしょう lawsuit
  25. 推進 すいしん propulsion; driving force; implementation; promotion (of a policy, etc)

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