JLPT STUDY: Grammar Points: “as soon as”

Today I decided to also include grammar study into my blog entries. Whether or not I will include every single grammar point from my book in this blog I haven’t decided yet, but I will be taking groups of similar grammar points every week and studying them together like this.

Grammar:”as soon as~”


  • 〜 occurs immediately after
  • often something unexpected

As soon as he entered the classroom and took his seat, he fell asleep.



  • occurs immediately after ~
  • no unexpectedness


A: 今日の仕事は大変だったね。
B: ああ。家に帰ってベッドに入るがはやいか寝てしまった。

A: Today’s work was tough, wasn’t it?
B: Yeah. I went home and as soon as I got into bed I fell asleep.



  • happens at the same time or right after
  • usually a recurring event; something that happens often
  • describes the actions of two different people


A: 教師という仕事が嫌だなぁと思うのは、どんな時ですか?
B: そうだね。例えば、教えたそばから学生が間違える時などは、がっかりしますね。

A: Is there ever a time you think you don’t like being a teacher?
B: Well, I am a little disappointed when the students make a mistake after you just taught them something.



  • Refers to an interval between ~ and ~
  • This expression emphasizes how short that interval is (it feels as if it happens right after)

A: 監督、日本選手権優勝おめでとうございます。
B: ありがとうございます。でも大仕事をやり遂げたかと思う間もなく、次の試合が始まります。

A: Manager, congratulations on passing the Japan championship.
B: Thank you. But as soon as this job is done, the next game will begin.



  • Takes place immediately
  • Not unexpected
  • Old literary style

1. デパートなんかでは、クリスマスが終わるや否やお正月の飾り付けが始まったね。
Department stores start decorating for New Year’s as soon as Christmas is over.

The new CD reached #1 in sales as soon as it was released.


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