Day 11 Study: 2000 JLPT Vocabulary #251~275

I haven’t posted my lists of 25 in the past couple of days because I decided to take some time to review the first 250 that I had already uploaded before adding new ones.

I will probably add new lists again for the next few days, and take a couple day breaks in between to review. I’m thinking every 100 new words taking off 2-3 days to review the previous vocab cumulatively.

Here goes: #251~275

  1. 迅速 じんそく prompt; rapid
  2. 負う おう carry on one’s back; to take on
  3. 当 とう our; the very ~
  4. たたえる admire; praise
  5. 模倣 もほう imitation
  6. キャラクター character
  7. 異常 いじょう strangeness; abnormality
  8. 復興 ふっこう recovery; revival; restoration
  9. 侮辱 ぶじょく insult; contempt
  10. 末 まつ the end of ~
  11. 負担 ふたん burden; charge; responsibility
  12. 握る にぎる to hold, grip, grasp
  13. 遥か はるか in the distance; far away
  14. 融通 ゆうずう flexible, accommodating
  15. 現地 げんち spot; scene; location
  16. 危ぶむ あやぶむ to fear; be afraid
  17. 構築 こうちく construction; development
  18. 攻撃 こうげき (verbal) attack; (military) assault
  19. 孤立 こりつ isolation
  20. 吟味 ぎんみ careful investigation, selection
  21. 正午 しょうご noon
  22. 指定 してい designation
  23. かかわらず in spite of; regardless; even though; despite
  24. 寄付 きふ donation; contribution
  25. 口調 くちょう manner of speaking; tone

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