I haven’t uploaded a vocabulary list from Memrise for a while because I was spending more time reviewing the previous 275 words and focusing on reading/kanji.

So this time I studied the next 50 words instead of 25. Plus, it seems the groups of words this time around were relatively easy, for being an N1 study anyway. I feel like at least 60% of these words (or possibly more) have already been studied for the N2 level, so if you have already passed that, chances are you already know many if not most of these too.

And, there were quite a bit of katakana words too.

Anyway, here you go, and happy studying!

  1. 第三者 だいさんしゃ third person
  2. 亭主 ていしゅ head of house; husband
  3. わざわざ go out of one’s way to do
  4. 邸宅 ていたく mansion; residence; home
  5. 同士 どうし fellow
  6. 興奮 こうふん excitement; agitation
  7. 傍ら かたわら while doing; besides
  8. 見なす みなす assume; regard; consider as
  9. 欠く かく lack
  10. 及ぶ およぶ to reach; come up to
  11. 稼ぐ かせぐ make money; earn
  12. 客観的 きゃっかんてき objective (not subjective)
  13. 染みる しみる soak into; sting; touch; impress
  14. 始末 しまつ end result; management; cleaning up
  15. あいまって joined with; function together; overlapping
  16. 誤る あやまる mistake; make an error
  17. 内部 ないぶ inside; interior
  18. 燃料 ねんりょう fuel
  19. 犯人 はんにん culprit; criminal
  20. 汚れ よごれ stain; smear; smudge
  21. 慣れる なれる get used to; become skilled
  22. いかに how~
  23. 顧みる かえりみる take notice of, look back
  24. かつて ate one time; in the past
  25. 欠ける かける drop out; miss; lack
  26. 視線 しせん one’s eyes; glance; look
  27. タレント celebrity; talent
  28. 世間 せけん the public; world; society; life
  29. 人物 じんぶつ figure; character (from history, novel, tv etc)
  30. 人影 ひとかげ figure of a person
  31. 親子 おやこ parent and child
  32. 真珠 しんじゅ a pearl
  33. 新人 しんじん new comer; new face; rookie
  34. 飾る かざる decorate; adorn
  35. 制服 せいふく uniform
  36. 主人公 しゅじんこう main character; hero; heroine
  37. 素養 そよう groundings in; accomplishment; training
  38. 山並み やまなみ mountain range
  39. 作家 さっか author
  40. 黒字 くろじ profits; in the black
  41. 香辛料 こうしんりょう spice
  42. 好き嫌い すききらい tastes; likes and dislikes
  43. カメラマン photographer; camera man
  44. ウイルス virus
  45. タイミング timing
  46. 収益 しゅうえき earnings; proceeds; returns; revenue
  47. 墓地 ぼち graveyard
  48. 支持 しじ support; backing up; endorse
  49. 実践 じっせん implementation; put into practice
  50. 手配 てはい arrangements; preparation; search (by police)

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