JLPT N1 Grammar Point: ともすれば・ややもすれば・どうかすると


  • shows a state which is “easy to become”
  • something negative/going in a bad direction
  • comes before the word it describes
  • this part of sentence often ends in なる

Even for people who think they are OK, it’s easy to be defrauded, so you must be careful.

Doctor: When you live alone, it’s easy to neglect your eating habits and become nutrition deficient, so you must be careful.

ややもすれば (=ともすれば)

In a society overloaded with information it is easy to be confused.


  • easy to become
  • tendency for something negative to happen
  • conversaional

When there are 2 ways of resolving things, people have a tendency to unconsciously choose the simpler one.


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