JLPT N1 Grammar Points:〜いかんだ /〜いかんによっては /〜いかんによらず・〜いかんにかかわらず

Today’s grammar point focuses on three different ways to express “depending on” something. Those are:

  • 〜いかんだ
  • 〜いかんによっては
  • 〜いかんによらず・〜いかんにかかわらず


  • “depending on~”
  • expreses that there are various results depending on something

The undertaking of this project depends on the president’s decision.

Wife: Since you’ve been working so hard, won’t your salary increase a little this time?
Husband: Well, that depends on the company’s results, so I can’t really say anything.

Doctor: We will decide the treatment method depending on the results of this examination.


  • “depending on~”
  • expresses that the state of TWO results depends on the reason

Student: The typhoon is getting closer. Will tomorrow’s seminar be cancelled?
Teacher: That’s right. Depending on the course of the typhoon, it may be cancelled.

Depending on the results of the next election, there may be a transfer of power.


  • expresses that no matter what happens, something is still possible
  • ~doesn’t matter, you can still ~
  • “regardless of ~, you can still ~”

A: 外国人もこの会社に入社することができるんでしょうか?
B: はい、国籍のいかんによらず、入社試験を受けることができます。
A: Can foreigners work in this company?
B: Yes, regardless of nationality, you can take the entrance exam.

In sports, the important thing is to try hard until the end, no matter the result.


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