JLPT N1 Grammar:〜(か)のごとく あたかも〜(か)のごとき あたかも〜(か)のごとく

Today’s grammar points. Three more similar expressions with similar meaning. In this case, these are more formal and usually used in writing. You may never need to use them, but you will probably need to understand them!

  • 〜(か)のごとく
  • あたかも〜(か)のごとき
  • あたかも〜(か)のごとく


  • formal expression
  • written form
  • used when giving an example “like~”
  • often used in proverbs and set phrases
  • 意味:〜とよく似ている/〜のようだ

She acted like a queen.

The company president was angry as a raging fire.


  • formal
  • written
  • used when comparing things
  • 意味:〜とよく似ている

In the incident regarding the fake production of A foods, the company president spoke as if he was completely unrelated. But we can’t think that he doesn’t know anything.


  • formal
  • explains that something resembles something else
  • 意味:〜とよく似ている

That guy speaks as if he knows everything.

He acts as if he’s the strongest person in the world, but he’s really a cowards.

Ninjas jump from tree to tree like a monkey, and dive in the sea like a dolphin.


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