JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 31: 311~320/1017

I’m back! I wasn’t able to post yesterday since I was on a plane, but here I go back at it again. (For anyone who didn’t notice, yesterday’S post was actually made together with the day before, Monday Feb 6).

I can’t guarantee that I will be able to post religiously everyday for the next week (we all know how things tend to come up when you are away from home), but I will still be doing my studying and doing my very best to get up at least one new kanji post each morning.

I can’t guarantee anything about the grammar posts or the bulk vocabulary word posts, since those usually take me a little bit longer though…

Anyway, here we go… 10 new kanji!

  1. 誇 コ・ほこ(る)boast, be proud, pride, triumphantly
  2. 遭 ソウ・あ(う)encounter, meet, party, association, interview, join
  3. 濁 ダク・ジョク・にご(る)・にご(す)voiced, uncleanness, wrong, nigori, impurity
  4. 矢 シ・や dart, arrow
  5. 桜 オウ・ヨウ・さくら cherry
  6. 症 ショウ symptoms, illness
  7. 倉 ソウ・くら godown, warehouse, storehouse, cellar, treasury
  8. 称 ショウ appellation, praise, admire, name, title, fame たた.える、 とな.える、 あ.げる、 かな.う、 はか.り、 はか.る、 ほめ.る
  9. 源 ゲン・みなもと source, origin
  10. 潮 チョウ・しお tide, salt water, opportunity (うしお)


Example Vocabulary:

誇る ほこる being proud
誇大 こだい exaggeration; overstatement
誇張 こちょう exaggeration; overstatement
誇示 こじ ostentation

遭う あう meet; see
遭難 そうなん mishap; shipwreck
遭遇 そうぐう encounter

濁る にごる get muddy; become dull
濁点 だくてん sonant mark
清濁 せいだく good and evil
汚濁 おだく filth; taint

矢 や arrow
矢印 やじるし arrow; signpost
弓矢 ゆみや bow and arrow
一矢 いっし arrow; retort

桜 さくら cherry tree
桜花 おうか cherry blossom
桜桃 おうとう cherry

〜症 〜しょう ~syndrome
症状 しょうじょう symptoms
症候 しょうこう symptom
重症 じゅうしょう serious illness

倉 くら warehouse
倉庫 そうこ warehouse; depot
穀倉 こくそう granary

称する しょうする designate; call
称号 しょうごう title; name
名称 めいしょう name; title
愛称 あいしょう nickname; informal name

源 みなもと source; origin
水源 すいげん source
財源 ざいげん source of revenue
語源 ごげん etymology

潮 しお tide; current
潮位 ちょうい tide level
干潮 かんちょう ebb tide
思潮 しちょう current of thought


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