JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 32: #321-330

Well, it took a little more time than I usually tend to post, but at last here I am with wifi and can give you the next 10 kanji of the day!

I may be away on vacation, but I will not let that be an excuse to slack off on my study! All I am doing is waking up an extra hour earlier and spending time reviewing the new kanji, reviewing some previous vocab words, and reading a short article.

I also upload all of these new words and kanji daily to anki, so even when I don’t have time to study for hours at home, as long as I have my phone with me I can review the words using the anki app.

(I have been using that one a lot more now being on vacation and not near my laptop or wifi all the time, but at least I can use anki when I’m on the road, waiting for food at a restaurant, on the toilet…lol)

Anyway, here’S the kanji…enjoy!

  1. 縦 ジュウ・たて vertical, length, height, self-indulgent, wayward
  2. 殴 オウ・なぐ(る)assault, hit, beat, thrash
  3. 赴 フ・おもむ(く)proceed, get, become, tend
  4. 挿 ソウ・さ(す)・はさ(む)insert, put in, graft, wear (sword)
  5. 唆 サ・そそ(る)・そそのか(す)tempt, seduce, instigate, promote
  6. 陰 イン・かげ・かげ(る)shade, yin, negative, sex organs, secret, shadow
  7. 控 コウ・ひか(える)withdraw, draw in, hold back, refrain from, be moderate
  8. 廃 ハイ・すた(れる)・すた(る)abolish, obsolete, cessation, discarding, abandon
  9. 慌 コウ・あわ(てる)・あわ(ただしい)disconcerted, be confused, lose one’s head
  10. 煩 ハン・ボン・わずら(う)・わずら(わす)anxiety, trouble, worry, pain, ill, annoy, nuisance, irksome


Sample Vocab:

縦 たて length; height
縦断 じゅうだん cutting vertically
縦横 じゅうおう vertically and horizontally
操縦 そうじゅう steering; control

殴る なぐる hit; strike; beat; blow
殴り描き なぐりかき scribble; scrawl
殴打 おうだ beating; battery

赴く おもむく proceed; go
赴任 ふにん leaving for one’s post

挿す さす insert; point into
挿し絵 さしえ illustration; cut
挿話 そうわ episode; little story
挿入 そうにゅう insertion

唆す そそのかす tempt; entice; allure
示唆 しさ suggestion
教唆 きょうさ incitement; instigation

陰 かげ shade
日陰 ひかげ shade
陰気 いんき melancholy; gloomy
陰謀 いんぼう plot; intrigue; conspiracy

控える ひかえる refrain; wait; write down
控え室 ひかえしつ waiting room
控除 こうじょ deduction; subtraction
控訴 こうそ appeal

廃れる すたれる go out of use
廃止 はいし abolition; disuse
廃棄 はいき abolition; repeal
荒廃 こうはい devastation; waste

慌てる あわてる be confused; lose one’s head
慌て者 あわてもの hasty person
恐慌 きょうこう panic fear; alarm

煩わしい わずらわしい annoying; troublesome
煩雑 はんざつ complicated; troublesome
煩悩 ぼんのう worldly passions


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