JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 33: 331~340/1017

Yay, I’m back! I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to continue my daily studies despite being away from home.

I even made some time last night to do some reading from my N1 Reading study book. That article was a killer but on the bright side, thanks to all this kanji study I was able to figure it out alot easier than if I hadn’t been studying kanji this much recently.

But, I still got a long way to go. Still many words and kanji I don’t understand yet. And I can’t be a good translator until I can understand each entry 100%.

Anyway, enough babbling, here are the kanji!

  1. 隔 カク・へだ(てる)・へだ(たる)isolate, alternate, distance, separate, gulf
  2. 蓄 チク・たくわ(える)amass, raise, hoard, store
  3. 請 セイ・シン・ショウ・こ(う)・う(ける)solicit, invite, ask
  4. 踏 トウ・ふ(む)・ふ(まえる)step, trample, carry through, appraise, evade payment
  5. 輝 キ・かがや(く)radiance, shine, sparkle, gleam, twinkle
  6. 縛 バク・しば(る)truss, arrest, bind, tie, restrain
  7. 鍛 タン・きた(える)forge, discipline, train
  8. 闘 トウ・たたか(う)fight, warあらそ(う)
  9. 凡 ボン・ハン commonplace, ordinary, mediocreおよ(そ)・おうよ(そ)・すべ(て)
  10. 氏 シ・うじfamily name, surname, clan

Sample Vocab:

隔てる へだてる become estranged; be distant
隔週 かくしゅう every two weeks; fortnightly
隔離 かくり isolation; quarantine
間隔 かんかく space; interval

蓄える たくわえる save; store; keep
蓄財 ちくざい accumulation of wealth
蓄積 ちくせき accumulation; storage
貯蓄 ちょちく saving; store

請求 せいきゅう demand; request
請願 せいがん petition; application
申請 しんせい application; request
要請 ようせい request; demand

踏まえる ふまえる base on
踏み込む ふみこむ step into; break into
踏襲 とうしゅう follow; follow suit
雑踏 ざっとう crowd; throng; jam

輝く かがやく glitter; shine
輝石 きせき pyroxene
輝度 きど brightness
光輝 こうき brightness; splendor

縛る しばる tie; bind; restrict
束縛 そくばく restraint; restriction

鍛える きたえる forge; temper; train
鍛錬 たんれん temper; training

闘志 とうし fighting spirit
戦闘 せんとう battle; fight; combat
奮闘 ふんとう struggle
格闘 かくとう fight; grapple

凡人 ぼんじん ordinary person
凡例 はんれい explanatory note; legend
平凡 へいぼん mediocrity
非凡 ひぼん extraordinariness

氏神 うじがみ local Shinto deity
氏名 しめい (full) name
氏族 しぞく family; clan


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