JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 36: 361~370/1017

Last day of vacation, leaving back home tomorrow morning, and I did it! I managed to continue studying 10 new kanji every day even while on vacation! Hooray!

Well, before I get going on the last day of outdoor adventures, here is today’s 10 new kanji:

  1. 腸 チョウ intestines, guts, bowels, viscera はらわた・わた
  2. 閣 カク tower, tall building, palace
  3. 寮 リョウ dormitory, hostel, villa, tea pavilion
  4. 歓 カン delight, joy よろこ(ぶ)
  5. 鮮 セン・あざ(やか)fresh, vivid, clear, brilliant, Korea
  6. 癖 ヘキ・くせ mannerism, habit, vice, trait, fault, kink
  7. 顕 ケン appear, existing あきらか・あきわ(れる)
  8. 乏 ボウ・とぼ(しい)destitution, scarce, limited とも(しい)
  9. 幻 ゲン・まぼろし phantasm, vision, dream, illusion, apparition
  10. 屈 クツ yield, bend, flinch, submit かが(む)・かが(める)

Sample Vocab:

腸 ちょう bowels; the intestines
胃腸 いちょう the stomach and intestines
大腸 だいちょう the colon; the large intestine
断腸 だんちょう heartbreak

閣僚 かくりょう member of the Cabinet
閣議 かくぎ Cabinet meeting
内閣 ないかく a cabinet; the government
仏閣 ぶっかく Buddhist temple

寮 りょう dormitory
寮生 りょうせい boarder

歓声 かんせい cheer; shout of joy
歓迎 かんげい welcome; reception
歓喜 かんき joy; delight

鮮やか あざやか vivid; brilliant
鮮魚 せんぎょ fresh fish
新鮮 しんせん fresh; new
生鮮 せいせん perishable

癖 くせ habit; peculiarity
癖毛 くせげ wavy hair; frizzy hair
性癖 せいへき propensity; one’s nature
潔癖 けっぺき uprightness; fastidiousness

顕著 けんちょ notable; clear
顕在 けんざい actual; actualized
顕微鏡 けんびきょう microscope

乏しい とぼしい lacking; wanting
貧乏 びんぼう poverty; destitution
欠乏 けつぼう lack; want; shortage
窮乏 きゅうぼう poverty; want

幻 まぼろし illusion; phantom
幻影 げんえい illusion; dream
幻想 げんそう illusion; fantasy
夢幻 むげん fantasy; visions

屈折 くっせつ bending; refraction
理屈 りくつ reason; argument
窮屈 きゅうくつ tight; narrow; constrained
退屈 たいくつ boredom; tedium


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