JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 38: 381~390/1017

Back to the normal routine. I am back at home, in my regularly scheduled study space, and have just gotten through the new 10 kanji of today. Though I am still exhausted and vacation-lagged…

But anyway what this means is it’s also time to get back to the other regularly scheduled studies, and crack open my grammar and reading book again, and start studying vocab from the Memrise app again too.

Happy study!

  1. 宴 エン banquet, feast, party うたげ
  2. 胴 ドウ trunk, torso, hull (ship), hub of wheel
  3. 菌 キン germ, fungus, bacteria
  4. 紫 シ・むらさき purple, violet
  5. 喧 ケン noisy, boisterous やかま(しい)・かまびす(し)
  6. 遇 グウ meet, encounter, interview, treat, entertain, receive, deal with あ(う)
  7. 掌 ショウ manipulate, rule, administer, conduct, palm of hand てのひら・たなごころ
  8. 喉 コウ・のど throat, voice (こん counter for fish)
  9. 嘩 カ・ケ noisy かまびす(しい)
  10. 鼓 コ・つづみ drum, beat, rouse, muster


Sample Vocab:

宴会 えんかい banquet; feast
宴席 えんせき banquet hall
祝宴 しゅくえん banquet; feast
酒宴 しゅえん drinking bout; banquet

胴 どう trunk; body; frame
胴着 どうぎ singlet; vest
胴体 どうたい body; trunk

菌 キン germ; bacterium
細菌 さいきん bacillus; germ
雑菌 ざっきん sterilizing; disinfect

紫 むらさき purple; violet
紫煙 しえん blue smoke
紫外線 しがいせん ultraviolet rays

喧騒 けんそう uproar
喧嘩 けんか quarrel; fight

待遇 たいぐう treatment; service
優遇 ゆうぐう favorable treatment
境遇 きょうぐう one’s lot; circumstances
奇遇 きぐう unexpected meeting

合掌 がっしょう praying hands
車掌 しゃしょう conductor; guard

喉 のど throat

喧嘩 けんか quarrel; fight

鼓 つづみ hand drum
鼓笛 こてき fife and drum
鼓舞 こぶ encouraging; cheering
太鼓 たいこ drum


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