JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 42: 421~430/1017

Welcome back! Today’s new kanji, from numbers #421-430. We’re really racking up the numbers of kanji added to our mental databases huh? And in not too long we will be halfway there! 500 is fast approaching.

And the good thing about today’s list is in my opinion, it’s fairly easy compared to some of the other days, particularly the last half of them. Not very difficult to write and chances are you may already be familiar with them, or have at least seen them around in your earlier studies.

Happy studying!

  1. 褒 ホウ、ほ.める praise, extol
  2. 憤 フン、いきどお.る aroused, resent, be indignant, anger
  3. 凝 ギョウ、こ.る、 こ.らす congeal, freeze, stiff, be absorbed in こご.らす、 こご.らせる、 こご.る
  4. 還 カン send back, return かえ.る
  5. 薦 セン、すす.める recommend, mat, advise, encourage, offer
  6. 譲 ジョウ、ゆず.る defer, turnover, transfer, convey
  7. 寸 スン measurement, tenth of a shaku, a little, small
  8. 穴 ケツ、あな hole, aperture, slit, cave, den
  9. 沖 チュウ、おき open sea, offing, rise high into sky おきつ、 ちゅう.する、 わく
  10. 豆 トウ、ズ、まめ beans, pea, midget


Sample Vocab:

褒める ほめる praise; speak well of
褒美 ほうび reward; prize

憤る いきどおる getting angry; become irate
憤慨 ふんがい anger; indignation
憤激 ふんげき anger; indignation

凝る こる be absorbed in; get stiff
肩凝り かたこり stiff shoulders
凝固 ぎょうこ solidification
凝視 ぎょうし staring; gazing

還元 かんげん restoration; reduction
還暦 かんれき one’s 60th birthday
返還 へんかん return; restoration
生還 せいかん coming back alive

薦める すすめる recommend
推薦 すいせん recommendation
自薦 じせん recommending oneself
特薦 とくせん special recommendation

譲る ゆずる transfer; sell; yield to
譲歩 じょうほ concession; compromise
譲渡 じょうと transfer; conveyance

寸法 すんぽう measurements; size
寸前 すんぜん immediately before
寸評 すんぴょう brief review; brief comment

穴 あな hole; gap; deficit
墓穴 ぼけつ grave
洞穴 どうけつ・ほらあな cave; cavern

沖 おき the offing; open sea
沖釣り おきつり offshore angling

豆 まめ bean
豆腐 とうふ tofu; soybean curd
納豆 なっとう natto; fermented soybeans
大豆 だいず soybean


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