JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 46: 461~470/1017

Good morning everyone! We’re back with the daily kanji posts.

As I mentioned a couple days ago, yesterday I was away from home most of the day, so I was unable to post. However, if you go back to the previous post from 2 days ago, you will notice I included both days.

Yesterday would be day 45, which makes today Day 46. Almost at 500 kanji now! Ok, so new kanji, here we go!

  1. 尋 ジン、たず.ねる inquire, fathom, look for ひろ
  2. 焦 ショウ、こ.げる、 こ.がす、 こ.がれる、 あせ.る char, hurry, impatient, irritate, burn, scorch, singe
  3. 湧 わ.く boil, ferment, seethe, uproar, breed ユウ、 ヨウ、 ユ
  4. 嘆 タン、なげ.く、 なげ.かわしい sigh, lament, moan, grieve, sigh of admiration
  5. 誉 ヨ、ほま.れ reputation, praise, honor, glory ほ.める
  6. 漏 ロウ、も.る、 も.れる、 も.らす leak, escape, time
  7. 奪 ダツ、うば.う rob, take by force, snatch away, dispossess, plunder, usurp
  8. 敷 フ、し.く、 -し.き spread, pave, sit, promulgate
  9. 潤 ジュン、うるお.う、 うるお.す、 うる.む wet, be watered, profit by, receive benefits, favor, charm, steep
  10. 謡 ヨウ、うた.い、 うた.う song, sing, ballad, noh chanting


Sample Vocab:

尋ねる たずねる ask; inquire; question
尋問 じんもん interrogation; questioning
尋常 じんじょう ordinary; common

焦がす こがす burn; scorch; brown
焦げ茶 こげちゃ dark brown
焦点 しょうてん focus; focal point
焦燥 しょうそう irritation; impatience

湧き出す わきだす gush out; spring out
湧き水 わきみず spring

嘆く なげく lament; grieve
嘆願 たんがん supplication; petition
感嘆 かんたん admiration; wonder
悲嘆 ひたん sorrow; grief

誉れ ほまれ honor; credit
名誉 めいよ honor; credit; fame
栄誉 えいよ glory; honor

漏らす もらす leak; express
雨漏り あまもり rain leaking
聞き漏らす ききもらす fail to hear; miss
漏電 ろうでん short circuit

奪う うばう deprive; snatch
奪取 だっしゅ capture; seizure
略奪 りゃくだつ pillage; plunder
強奪 ごうだつ seizure; hijack

敷く しく spread; lay; cover
敷地 しきち (building) site; ground
座敷 ざしき room floored with tatami mats
屋敷 やしき mansion; residence

潤う うるおう get wet; profit
潤沢 じゅんたく ample; abundant
潤滑 じゅんかつ lubrication
利潤 りじゅん profit; returns

動揺 どうよう nursery song
民謡 みんよう folk song
歌謡 かよう song; ballad


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