JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 51 & 52: 511~530/1017

***EDIT: This was supposed to be uploaded on Tuesday!! But somehow it never published and was saved in drafts this whole time! >_< So… here we go, posting it up a little late…***

Tomorrow I will be out all day again from the early morning, so there is a big chance I won’t be able to come on again for the day. So today, I will upload the new kanji for the next 2 days, Day 51 and Day 52!

Day 51:

  1. 霧 ム、きり fog, mist ボウ
  2. 凹 オウconcave, hollow, sunken くぼ.む、 へこ.む、 ぼこ
  3. 巧 コウ、たく.み adroit, skilled, ingenuity
  4. 吉 キチ、 キツgood luck, joy, congratulations よし
  5. 旨 シ、むね delicious, relish, show a liking for, purport, will, clever, expert
  6. 刑 ケイ punish, penalty, sentence, punishment
  7. 廷 テイ courts, imperial court, government office
  8. 尾 ビ、お tail, end, counter for fish, lower slope of mountain
  9. 妊 ニン pregnancy ジン、はら.む、 みごも.る
  10. 却 キャク instead, on the contrary, rather, step back, withdraw, retreat かえ.って、 しりぞ.く、 しりぞ.ける

Sample Vocab:

霧 きり fog
霧雨 きりさめ misty rain; drizzle
濃霧 のうむ dense fog

凹凸 おうとつ concavity and convexity
凹面鏡 おうめんきょう concave mirror
凸凹 でこぼこ unevenness; rougheness

巧み たくみ skillful; dexterous
巧妙 こうみょう skill
技巧 ぎこう craftsmanship; skill
精巧 せいこう elaborate; exquisite

吉日 きちじつ lucky day
吉兆 きっちょう good omen; happy augury
大吉 だいきち excellent luck
不吉 ふきつ unlucky; ill-omened

要旨 ようし the point; the gist
論旨 ろんし the point of an argument
主旨 しゅし the gist; the point
趣旨 しゅし purport; point

刑 けい punishment; penalty
刑事 けいじ (police) detective
刑罰 けいばつ punishment; penalty
死刑 しけい death penalty

法廷 ほうてい law court
開廷 かいてい opening of trial
朝廷 ちょうてい the (Imperial) Court
宮廷 きゅうてい the Court

尾 お tail; brush; train
尾行 びこう following; tailing
尾翼 びよく the tail assembly
追尾 ついび tracking; following

妊娠 にんしん pregnancy; conception
妊婦 にんぷ pregnant woman; expectant mother
懐妊 かいにん pregnancy; conception
避妊 ひにん contraception; birth control

却下 きゃっか rejection; dismissal
返却 へんきゃく return; repayment
焼却 しょうきゃく incineration


Day 52:

  1. 呈 テイ display, offer, present, send, exhibit
  2. 伯 ハク chief, count, earl, uncle, Brazil
  3. 沢 タク、さわ swamp, marsh, brilliance, grace うるお.い、 うるお.す、 つや
  4. 尿 ニョウ urine
  5. 疲 ヒ exhausted, tire, weary つか.れる、 -づか.れ、 つか.らす
  6. 征 セイ subjugate, attack the rebellious, collect taxes
  7. 佳 カ excellent, beautiful, good, pleasing, skilled
  8. 岬 コウ、みさき headland, cape, spit, promontory
  9. 尚 ショウ、なお esteem, furthermore, still, yet
  10. 享 キョウ、コウ enjoy, receive, undergo, answer (phone), take, get, catch う.ける

Sample Vocab:
呈する ていする present; offer; show
進呈 しんてい presentation
贈呈 ぞうてい presentation
露呈 ろてい exposure; disclosure

伯母 おば aunt
伯父 おじ uncle

沢 さわ swamp; marsh
光沢 こうたく gloss; luster
潤沢 じゅんたく ample; abundant
贅沢 ぜいたく luxury; extravagance

尿 にょう urine
尿意 にょうい desire to urinate
糖尿 とうにょう glycosuria; urine sugar

披露 ひろう announcement; introduction

征服 せいふく conquest; defeat
遠征 えんせい expedition; tour
出征 しゅっせい going to war

佳作 かさく fine work; good piece
佳境 かきょう climax; the most interesting part

岬 みさき cape; headland

尚早 しょうそう premature; too early
高尚 こうしょう high; noble; uplifted

享受 きょうじゅ enjoyment
享年 きょうねん one’s age at death
享楽 きょうらく enjoyment; pleasure


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