JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 53: 531~540/1017

Back! Yesterday was a busy day, so I didn’t have the time to come on here and update.

And, I THOUGHT I had updated on Tuesday with the kanji for both days, including Wednesdays kanji in advanced, but it seems somehow that blog didn’t even get published! So it was saved in drafts this whole time and noone eve even knew… -_-

Soooo… I went back just now and uploaded the Tues/Wed post, and NOW I am uploading this one, which is today’s (Thurs) new kanji.


  1. 奈 ナ、 the abyss, Hell ナイ、 ダイ、いかん、 からなし
  2. 胎 タイ womb, uterus
  3. 荘 ソウ villa, inn, cottage, feudal manor, solemn, dignified ショウ、 チャン、ほうき、 おごそ.か
  4. 拷 ゴウ torture, beat
  5. 峠 とうげ mountain peak, mountain pass, climax, crest, (kokuji)
  6. 胞 ホウ placenta, sac, sheath
  7. 冠 カン、かんむり crown, best, peerless
  8. 胆 タン、きも gall bladder, courage, pluck, nerve
  9. 洪 コウ deluge, flood, vast
  10. 紋 モン family crest, figures


Sample Vocab:
奈落 ならく the abyss; Hell

胎児 たいじ embryo; fetus
胎内 たいない in the womb
胎動 たいどう movement in the fetus
母胎 ぼたい the mother’s womb; the matrix

荘厳 そうごん solemnity; sublimity
別荘 べっそう country villa; summer house
山荘 さんそう mountain villa

拷問 ごうもん torture

峠 とうげ mountain pass; the height

胞子 ほうし spore
細胞 さいほう cell
同胞 どうほう compatriot; fellow countryman

冠 かんむり crown
王冠 おうかん (royal) crown
弱冠 じゃっかん aged 20; youthfulness

胆汁 たんじゅう bile; gall
大胆 だいたん boldness; audacity
豪胆 ごうたん daringness; courage; valor
魂胆 こんたん ulterior motive

洪水 こうずい flood; deluge

紋 もん family crest; coat of arms
紋様 もんよう pattern
波紋 はもん ripple; stir
家紋 かもん family crest


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