JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 54: 541~550/1017

Welcome back to day 54 of kanji study!

If there is one thing I can attest to, it’s that studying new kanji with a headache is no fun. (Well, I think studying any kanji in general with a headache would be no fun…) but nonetheless, as I already wrote myself a schedule and am determined to stick to it, I will not allow myself to get thrown off track by a stupid little headache.

So, here we go. Today’s 10 new kanji painfully brought to you by that girl with a headache… and after this, I think I’m just gonna go back to bed and forget about kanji until tomorrow! xD

Happy studying!

  1. 栽 サイ plantation, planting
  2. 索 サク cord, rope, searching, inquiring
  3. 烈 レツ ardent, violent, vehement, furious, severe, extreme はげ.しい
  4. 剖 ボウ divide
  5. 泰 タイ peaceful, calm, peace, easy, Thailand, extreme, excessive, great
  6. 陣 ジン camp, battle array, ranks, position, sudden, brief time
  7. 娠 シン with child, pregnancy
  8. 脇 わき armpit, the other way, another place, flank, supporting role キョウ、わけ
  9. 麻 マ、あさ hemp, flax, numb マア
  10. 陵 リョウ、みささぎ mausoleum, imperial tomb, mound, hill

Sample Vocab:

栽培 さいばい cultivation; raising
盆栽 ぼんさい bonsai; dwarf tree in a pot
植栽 しょくさい grass establishment

索引 さくいん index
検索 けんさく reference
模索 もさく grope
捜索 そうさく search; quest

猛烈 もうれつ impetuosity; rapidity
強烈 きょうれつ strong; intense
烈烈 れつれつ passionate; fervent

解剖 かいぼう dissection; autopsy

泰然 たいぜん calm; cool; composed
安泰 あんたい peace; security

陣 ジン battle formation
陣地 じんち position
陣営 じんえい camp; encampment
出陣 しゅつじん taking the field

妊娠 にんしん pregnancy; conception

脇 わき armpit; side
脇見 わきみ looking off; taking one’s eyes off
脇役 わきやく supporting role
両脇 りょうわき both sides

麻 あさ hemp
麻糸 あさいと hemp yarn
麻酔 ますい anesthesia

丘陵 きゅうりょう hill; hillock


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