JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 55-59: 551~600/1017 (Plus, where have I been?!)

Omg!! I’m baaaackkk!!!


Ok, annoying story… the other day, March 3rd, only hours after posting up my latest kanji update, something annoying happened..


I desperately asked around my friends and family on Facebook if anyone had a spare to give me or lend me, but NOBODY had one! (Either that, or they were just holding out lol) And of course, as you would think, without a charger, once your computer dies, that’s it. It’s gone. So for the whole weekend, I was without a computer -_-

However, luckily for me, thanks to one of my very very awesome and generous friends, she actually went out of her way to buy me a brand new one on Amazon and sent it my way! YAY!

So I would finally be able to do my work… however that just left the waiting game. For 3 whole days without a computer charger, I have been unable to update any of my blogs, do any of my online study, or enter any new kanji into Anki.

Today at last, I have finally finished updating and inputting ALL the kanji for the last few days that I have not been able to write on my blog. As a result, its gonna be ALOT all at once.. which I am very sorry for, but I do have to stick to my schedule of 10 kanji per day. And since I was technically still studying those computer-less days using just my textbook, I do need to include those days and all the kanji from those days.

It ends up being about 50 new kanji 😮

Feel free to study them all at once, or take this whole list and break it up, and divide it into the lessons for the next few days.

Without further ado… HERE WE GO! 5 DAYS WORTH OF KANJI!

DAY 55 – #551-560

  1. 紺 コン dark blue, navy
  2. 陪 バイ obeisance, follow, accompany, attend on
  3. 涯 ガイ horizon, shore, limit, bound はて
  4. 虚 キョ・コ void, emptiness, unpreparedness, crack, fissure, untruth むな.しい、 うつ.ろ
  5. 滋 ジ nourishing, more & more, be luxuriant, planting, turbidity
  6. 惰 ダ lazy, laziness
  7. 晶 ショウ sparkle, clear, crystal
  8. 喚 カン yell, cry, call, scream, summon わめ.く
  9. 媒 バイ mediator, go-between なこうど
  10. 酢 サク、す vinegar, sour, acid, tart

Sample Vocab:
紺色 こんいろ dark blue; navy blue

濃紺 のうこん dark blue; navy blue
紫紺 しこん bluish purple

陪審員 ばいしんいん juryman; juror

生涯 しょうがい life; lifetime
天涯 てんがい whole country

虚礼 きょれい dead forms; useless formality
虚栄 きょえい vanity
空虚 くうきょ emptiness; vanity

滋養 じよう nourishment; nutrition

惰性 だせい force of habit
惰眠 だみん live in idleness
怠惰 たいだ idleness

結晶 けっしょう crystal; crystallization
液晶 えきしょう liquid crystal
水晶 すいしょう (rock) crystal; crystalized quartz

喚声 かんせい outcry; shout
喚起 かんき rousing; awakening
召喚 しょうかん summons

媒介 ばいかい mediation
媒体 ばいたい medium; vehicle
媒酌 ばいしゃく matchmaking; matchmaker
触媒 しょくばい catalyst; catalytic agent

酢 す vinegar
酢の物 すのもの vinegared dish
三杯酢 さんばいず vinegar mixed with soy sauce and mirin
酢酸 さくさん acetic acid

DAY 56 – #561-570

  1. 循 ジュン sequential, follow
  2. 棋 キ、ご chess piece, Japanese chess, shogi
  3. 渦 カ、うず whirlpool, eddy, vortex
  4. 堅 ケン、かた.い strict, hard, solid, tough, tight, reliable
  5. 雷 ライ、かみなり thunder, lightning bolt いかずち、 いかづち
  6. 裸 ラ、はだか naked, nude, uncovered, partially clothed
  7. 該 ガイ above-stated, the said, that specific
  8. 酬 シュウ repay, reward, retribution シュ、 トウ、むく.いる
  9. 塊 カイ、ケ、かたまり clod, lump, chunk, clot, mass つちくれ
  10. 滝 ロウ、ソウ、たき waterfall, rapids, cascade

Sample Vocab:
循環 じゅんかん circulation; cycle

棋士 きし professional go (shogi) player
将棋 しょうぎ Japanese chess; Shogi

渦 うず whirlpool
渦潮 うずしお eddying current
渦巻き うずまき eddy; whirlpool; whorl
渦中 かちゅう vortex; whirlpool

堅い かたい hard; stiff; firm
堅実 けんじつ steady; reliable
堅持 けんじ holding fast
中堅 ちゅうけん the mainstay; the backbone

雷 かみなり thunder
雷鳴 らいめい roll of thunder
雷神 らいじん thunder god

裸 はだか naked body; nude
裸体 らたい naked body; nude
全裸 ぜんら stark-naked; nude

該当 がいとう being applicable; corresponding to
当該 とうがい said; concerned

報酬 ほうしゅう reward; pay
応酬 おうしゅう reply; response

塊 かたまり mass; lump; cluster
塊状 かいじょう massive form

滝 たき waterfall; cascade
滝口 たきぐち the top of a waterfall
滝壺 たきつぼ basin of a waterfall
滝登り たきのぼり swimming up a waterfall

DAY 57 – #571-580

  1. 債 サイ bond, loan, debt
  2. 慨 ガイ rue, be sad, sigh, lament
  3. 愚 グ、おろ.か foolish, folly, absurdity, stupid
  4. 隙 すき crevice, fissure, discord, opportunity, leisure ゲキ、 キャク、 ケキ、す.く、 す.かす、 ひま
  5. 豪 ゴウ、えら.い overpowering, great, powerful, excelling, Australia
  6. 網 モウ、あみ netting, network
  7. 銃 ジュウ gun, arms つつ
  8. 魂 コン、たましい soul, spirit たま
  9. 諾 ダク consent, assent, agreement
  10. 餌 えさ food, bait, prey, tempting profit ジ、 ニ、ば、 えさ、 もち

Sample Vocab:
債券 さいけん credit; claim
債務 さいむ debt; financial obligation
負債 ふさい debt; liabilities
国債 こくさい national debt

感慨 かんがい deep emotion; string feelings
憤慨 ふんがい anger; indignation

愚か おろか foolish; stupid; silly
愚直 ぐちょく simple honesty
愚痴 ぐち complaint; grumble

隙 すき crack; space
隙間 すきま crevice; crack

豪華 ごうか splendid; gorgeous
豪傑 ごうけつ hero; outstanding man
文豪 ぶんごう great writer
富豪 ふごう rich man; millionaire

網 あみ net; dragnet
網膜 もうまく the retina
網羅 もうら comprehensive; all-included
包囲網 ほういもう encircling net

銃 じゅう gun; rifle
銃弾 じゅうだん bullet
銃撃 じゅうげき gundown; shoot-up

魂 たましい soul; spirit
魂胆 こんたん ulterior motive
霊魂 れいこん spirit; soul
闘魂 とうこん fighting spirit

快諾 かいだく ready consent
許諾 きょだく consent
承諾 しょうだく acceptance; agreement

餌 えさ bait; food

DAY 58 – #581-590

  1. 箸 はし chopsticks チョ、 チャク
  2. 稽 ケイ think, consider かんが.える、 とど.める
  3. 壇 ダン、タン podium, stage, rostrum, terrace
  4. 憾 カン remorse, regret, be sorry うら.む
  5. 獣 ジュウ、けもの、けだもの animal, beast
  6. 繁 ハン luxuriant, thick, overgrown, frequency, complexity, trouble しげ.る、 しげ.く
  7. 錯 サク confused, mix, be in disorder シャク
  8. 霜 ソウ、しも frost
  9. 瞳 ひとみ pupil (of eye)  ドウ、 トウ
  10. 穫 カク harvest, reap

Sample Vocab:
箸 はし chopsticks
箸置き はしおき chopstick rest
箸休め はしやすめ palate-cleansing side dish
迷い箸 まよいばし hovering one’s chopsticks back and forth

稽古 けいこ practicing; rehearsal
荒唐無稽 こうとうむけい nonsensical; absurd

壇上 だんじょう on stage (platform)
花壇 かだん flower bed
仏壇 ぶつだん (family) Buddhist altar

遺憾 いかん regret; lamentable

獣 けもの beast; animal
獣医 じゅうい veterinarian
怪獣 かいじゅう monster; monstrous animal
猛獣 もうじゅう fierce animal; savage beast

繁栄 はんえい prosperity
繁盛 はんじょう prosperity
繁殖 はんしょく breeding; reproduction
頻繁 ひんぱん frequency

錯乱 さくらん going mad; insanity
錯覚 さっかく illusion; misapprehension
錯誤 さくご mistake; error
交錯 こうさく mixture; complication

霜 しも (hoar) frost
霜柱 しもばしら ice needles; frost column
星霜 せいそう years; time

瞳 ひとみ pupil (of eye)

収穫 しゅうかく harvest; crop

DAY 59 – #591-600

  1. 襟 キン、えり collar, neck, lapel, one’s inner feelings
  2. 癒 ユ healing, cure, quench (thirst), wreak い.える、 いや.す、 い.やす
  3. 譜 フ musical score, music, note, staff, table, genealogy
  4. 騰 トウ leaping up, jumping up, rising, advancing, going あが.る、 のぼ.る
  5. 鑑 カン specimen, take warning from, learn from かんが.みる、 かがみ
  6. 這 は.う crawl, creep, grovel, trail (vines)  シャ、 ゲン、は.い、 むか.える、 この
  7. 馳 チ、ジ run, gallop, sail, drive (a wagon), win (fame), dispatch は.せる
  8. 嘘 うそ lie, falsehood キョ、 コ、ふ.く

Sample Vocab:
襟 えり collar; lapel
襟足 えりあし nape of neck
開襟 かいきん open-necked

癒着 ゆちゃく adhesion; conglutination
治癒 ちゆ recovery; healing

譜面 ふめん music; musical score
楽譜 がくふ music; musical score
系譜 けいふ genealogy; pedigree
年譜 ねんぷ chronological record

高騰 こうとう sudden rise; jump
沸騰 ふっとう boiling; seething

鑑賞 かんしょう appreciation
印鑑 いんかん one’s seal; seal impression
年鑑 ねんかん yearbook; almanac
図鑑 ずかん picture book; reference book

這う はう crawl; creep
這い上がる はいあがる crawl up
這い回る はいまわる creep about; crawl about

御馳走 ごちそう feast; treat

嘘 うそ lie; falsehood; fib
嘘つき うそつき liar

梅 うめ ume tree; Japanese apricot
梅干し うめぼし pickled ume
梅雨 ばいう・つゆ rainy season

巡る めぐる move around; circle
巡査 じゅんさ policeman; constable
巡業 じゅんぎょう tour
巡回 じゅんかい round; patrol


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