JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 61: 611~620/1017

Yay! More simple kanji!

I was very happy when opening up my kanji book today to see that like yesterday, the second half of today’s list is rather simple to write (compared to many other N1 level kanji) and some were definitely recognizable right away as I have seen them pretty often, even from previously studied Kanji words from this book.

Here we go, today’s new 10 kanji!

  1. 宗 シュウ、ソウ religion, sect, denomination, main point, origin, essence むね
  2. 俵 ヒョウ、たわら bag, bale, sack, counter for bags
  3. 笛 テキ、ふえ flute, clarinet, pipe, whistle, bagpipe, piccolo
  4. 椅 イ chair
  5. 幕 マク、バク curtain, bunting, act of play とばり
  6. 弔 チョウ、とむら.う、 とぶら.う condolences, mourning, funeral
  7. 刈 か.る reap, cut, clip, trim, prune ガイ、 カイ
  8. 匂 にお.う、 にお.い、 にお.わせる fragrant, stink, glow, insinuate, (kokuji)
  9. 劣 レツ、おと.る inferiority, be inferior to, be worse
  10. 朽 キュウ、く.ちる decay, rot, remain in seclusion


Sample Vocab:
宗教 しゅうきょう religion; faith
宗旨 しゅうし the doctrines
宗派 しゅうは denomination

俵 たわら straw bag
米俵 こめだわら straw rice-bag
土俵 どひょう sumo ring

笛 ふえ flute; pipe; whistle
口笛 くちぶえ whistle
警笛 けいてき alarm whistle; horn
鼓笛 こてき fife and drum

椅子 いす chair

幕 まく curtain; hanging screen
開幕 かいまく raising the curtain; opening
幕府 ばくふ the shogun

弔う とむらう mourn for
弔辞 ちょうじ message of condolence
弔電 ちょうでん telegram of condolence

刈る かる cut; trim; reap
刈り上げ かりあげ close-cropped hair
稲刈り いねかり harvesting rice

匂う におう smell
匂い におい smell; odor; scent

劣る おとる be worse; be inferior
劣勢 れっせい inferiority in numbers
愚劣 ぐれつ stupid; foolish

朽ちる くちる decay; rot
不朽 ふきゅう immortality
老朽 ろうきゅう obsolescence


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