JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 65: 651~660/1017 (And why I almost quit..)

Yesterday as I was doing my Japanese study, I began to think to myself about temporarily giving up studying for a while.

The reason is because in the beginning when I started this blog, I was dead set on moving back to Japan this summer, so I wanted to be prepared to take the test over there during that time.

But as recently those plans have changed (I will no longer be moving back to Japan), I thought why not slow down the pace and just wait around until the next test comes around in Dec? Or why just not take it at all? (I was a little upset about that decision to not move back to Japan, but hey, that’s life).

In the end I realized, translating is still a valuable skill, whether or not I am in Japan, and there are still tons of jobs I can do from here (or anywhere else). Also, I am not really one for quitting, so regardless, I decided to continue on forward! I’m sure I will find a use for this skill some day! 🙂

And so here we go, another day, another Kanji!

  1. 愁 シュウ、うれ.える、 うれ.い distress, grieve, lament, be anxious
  2. 慈 ジ、いつく.しむ mercy
  3. 腫 シュ、シュウ、は.れる tumor, swelling は.れ、 は.らす、 く.む、 はれもの
  4. 漬 シ、つ.ける、 つ.かる pickling, soak, moisten, steep
  5. 誓 セイ、ちか.う vow, swear, pledge
  6. 墜 ツイ crash, fall (down)  お.ちる、 お.つ
  7. 罷 ヒ quit, stop, leave, withdraw, go まか.り-、 や.める
  8. 戯 ギ、ゲ、たわむ.れる frolic, play, sport
  9. 慰 イ、なぐさ.める、 なぐさ.む consolation, amusement, seduce, cheer, make sport of, comfort, console
  10. 鋳 チュウ、い.る casting, mint イ、 シュ、 シュウ


Sample Vocabulary:
愁える うれえる fear; be anxious; lament
哀愁 あいしゅう sadness; sorrow; pathos
郷愁 きょうしゅう nostalgia; homesickness

慈しむ いつくしむ love; treat tenderly
慈愛 じあい affection; love
慈悲 じひ mercy; charity

腫れる はれる swell; become swollen
腫れぼったい はれぼったい puffy; rather swollen
ミミズ腫れ みみずばれ wheal

漬ける つける soak; pickle
漬物 つけもの pickles
ぬか漬け ぬかづけ vegetables pickled in rice-bran paste
茶漬け ちゃづけ boiled rice with tea

誓う ちかう swear; take an oath
誓約 せいやく oath; pledge
宣誓 せんせい oath

墜落 ついらく fall; crash
撃墜 げきつい shooting down
失墜 しっつい abasement

罷免 ひめん dismissal

戯れる たわむれる play with; fool about
戯画 ぎが caricature
戯曲 ぎきょく drama; play
遊戯 ゆうぎ play; game

慰める なぐさめる comfort; console
慰安 いあん consolation; comfort
慰謝 いしゃ consolation; solace
慰問 いもん sympathy call

鋳る いる cast; mint
鋳物 いもの casting; article of cast metal
鋳造 ちゅうぞう casting; minting
鋳鉄 ちゅうてつ cast iron


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