JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 71: 711~720/1017

Let’s go! Day 71!

Today’s is looking pretty good, but I’m really getting happy for the coming week, which I already previewed.

It looks like things will get a little less complicated from here 🙂

Still some uncommon or unusual kanji, but the stroke order will be much less and simpler to remember, so I can’t wait for that. I’m still struggling to commit to memory all the kanji I’ve studied this past week!

Anyway, look forward to that! Here we go~

  1. 閑 カン leisure
  2. 僧 ソウ Buddhist priest, monk
  3. 猿 エン、さる monkey
  4. 絹 ケン、きぬ silk
  5. 僅 キン、 ゴン、わず.か few, little, a wee bit
  6. 彰 ショウ patent, clear
  7. 漫 マン cartoon, involuntarily, unrestrained, in spite of oneself, corrupt みだり.に、 そぞ.ろ
  8. 徳 トク benevolence, virtue, goodness, commanding respect
  9. 穀 コク cereals, grain
  10. 窯 ヨウ、かま kiln, oven, furnace

Sample Vocab:

閑静 かんせい peaceful; quiet
有閑 ゆうかん leisure

僧 そう Buddhist priest; monk
僧正 そうじょう high-ranking Buddhist priest
僧衣 そうい priest’s garbs
高僧 こうそう priest of high virtue

猿 さる monkey; ape
猿回し さるまわし monkey showman
犬猿の仲 かんえんのなか being like cats and dogs
類人猿 るいじんえん anthropoid; ape

絹 きぬ silk
絹織物 きぬおりもの silk goods
絹糸 けんし silk thread; silk yarn

僅か わずか a few; a little

表彰 ひょうしょう commendation

漫然 まんぜん random; rambling
漫画 まんが cartoon; comic strip
散漫 さんまん loose; discursive

人徳 じんとく one’s natural qualities
道徳 どうとく morality; morals
悪徳 あくとく vice; immorality; corruption

穀物 こくもつ grain; cereals
穀類 こくるい grains; cereals
穀倉 こくそう granary
脱穀 だっこく threshing

窯 かま furnace
窯元 かまもと pottery; potter
窯業 ようぎょう the ceramic industry


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