JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 47: 471~480/1017

It’s day 47! Today is the appearance of one of my all time favorite kanji, for no real reason other than I like the way it looks! xD


I mean, look at those guys! They look like tetris pieces! 😀 (I will get to their pronunciation and meaning in just a few…)

Anyway, in more serious matters… let’s get to today’s new 10 kanji.

  1. 諮 シ、はか.る consult with
  2. 繕 ゼン、 つくろ.う darning, repair, mend, trim, tidy up, adjust
  3. 凸 トツ、でこ convex, beetle brow, uneven
  4. 壮 ソウ robust, manhood, prosperity さかん
  5. 伐 バツ fell, strike, attack, punish ハツ、 カ、 ボチ、き.る、そむ.く、 う.つ
  6. 肢 シ limb, arms & legs
  7. 宜 ギ best regards, good よろ.しい、 よろ.しく
  8. 祉 シ welfare, happiness
  9. 松 ショウ、まつ pine tree
  10. 柳 リュウ、やなぎ willow

Sample Vocab:

諮る はかる consult; confer with
諮問 しもん inquiry

繕う つくろう repair; mend; patch
修繕 しゅうぜん repair; mending; overhaul
営繕 えいぜん building and repairs

凸レンズ とつれんず convex lens
凹凸 おうとつ concavity and convexity
凸凹 でこぼこ unevenness; roughness

壮大 そうだい magnificence; grandeur
壮快 そうかい refreshing; crisp
壮観 そうかん magnificent sight; grand sight
悲壮 ひそう heroic; tragic

伐採 ばっさい (tree) felling
征伐 せいばつ subjugation; extermination
殺伐 さつばつ inhumane; without tenderness
間伐 かんばつ tree thinning

肢体 したい the limbs; arms and legs
四肢 しし the limbs; arms and legs
選択肢 せんたくし choices

便宜 べんぎ convenience; facility
適宜 てきぎ suitable; appropriate

福祉 ふくし welfare; well-being

松 まつ pine tree
松林 まつばやし pine grove; pine forest
松竹梅 しょうちくばい pine, bamboo and plum

柳 やなぎ willow
川柳 せんりゅう 17-syllable satirical poem


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