JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 76: 761~770/1017

Glad that today’s kanji are also not that difficult to write and remember. Some of these are pretty easy and have definitely seen (and used) before (芋、芝) but some others are pretty unusual or I have never seen them (I didn’t know there was another way two write 2 二)!!

  1. 丼 どんぶり bowl, bowl of food トン、 タン、 ショウ、 セイ
  2. 伊 イ かれ Italy, that one
  3. 吏 リ officer, an official
  4. 帆 ハン、ほ sail
  5. 妄 モウ、ボウ みだ.りに delusion, unnecessarily, without authority, reckless
  6. 芋 ウ、いも potato
  7. 芝 シ、しば turf, lawn
  8. 妃 ヒ、きさき queen, princess
  9. 朱 シュ、あけ vermilion, cinnabar, scarlet, red, bloody
  10. 弍 ニ two ジ、ふた-、 ふた.つ、 ふたた.び


Sample Vocab

丼 どんぶり china bowl
丼物 どんぶりもの bowl of rice w/ food on top

伊呂波 いろは the Japanese syllabary; the iroha

官吏 かんり gov’t official

帆 ほ sail
帆船 はんせん sailing ship; sailboat
帆走 はんそう sailing
出帆 しゅっぱん sailing; departure

妄言 もうげん reckless remark
妄想 もうそう wild fancy; fantasy; delusion
妄執 もうしゅう deep-rooted delusion; firm conviction (based on incorrect beliefs); mistakenly held obsession

芋 いも potato
焼き芋 やきいも roast sweet potato
芋虫 いもむし green caterpillar

芝 しば turf; grass
芝居 しばい play; drama; play-acting
人工芝 じんこうしば artificial turf
芝生 しばふ lawn; grass plot

妃 ひ princess; consort
妃殿下 ひでんか princess; Her Highness
王妃 おうひ queen; empress

朱色 しゅいろ vermilion (color)
朱肉 しゅにく vermilion inkpad
朱塗り しゅぬり vermilion lacquered

弍万円 にまんえん twenty thousand yen


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