JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 77: 771~780/1017

After doing today’s kanji study, all I have to say about them is… they look wayyyy too familiar. What I mean is, I appreciate that these are also, like the last couple of days, not too complicated in terms of strokes/stroke order, and pretty simple to read and write but… so many of them look like so many OTHER kanji that I have studied previously, I know that I’m gonna get confused with these in particular..

For example, I am totally going to confuse 沙 with 砂, 坑 with 攻, etc…

Well, practice makes perfect I guess so let’s get to it.

  1. 肖 ショウ、あやか.る resemblance
  2. 邦 ホウ くに home country, country, Japan
  3. 亜 ア つ.ぐ Asia, rank next, come after, -ous
  4. 壱 イチ、 イツ one (in documents) ひとつ
  5. 芳 ホウ、かんば.しい perfume, balmy, favorable, fragrant
  6. 抄 ショウ extract, selection, summary, copy, spread thin
  7. 坑 コウ pit, hole
  8. 肘 ひじ、チュウ elbow, arm
  9. 沙 サ、シャ、すな、 よなげる sand
  10. 芯 シン wick

Sample Vocab:

肖像 しょうぞう portrait; likeness
不肖 ふしょう unworthy self

邦人 ほうじん a Japanese (person); the Japanese
邦訳 ほうやく translation into Japanese
異邦 いほう foreign country

亜流 ありゅう (inferior) imitator
亜寒帯 あかんたい the subartic zone
亜熱帯 あねったい subtropical zone

壱万円札 いちまんえんさつ ten-thousand yen bill

芳しい かんばしい sweet; fragrant
芳香 ほうこう sweet smell; fragrance

抄録 しょうろく extract; selection; quotation
抄本 しょうほん abstract; extract

坑道 こうどう (mining) gallery; pit
坑夫 こうふ (coal) miner
炭坑 たんこう coal mine; colliery

肘 ひじ elbow
肘鉄砲 ひじでっぽう elbow blow

沙汰 さた instructions; notice
御無沙汰 ごぶさた (long) silence; neglect to write

芯 しん wick;core; center; lead (pencil)
替え芯 かえしん spare lead; (pencil) lead refill


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