JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 78: 781~790/1017

Ohhhh boy… these kanji… why do I feel like I’ve seen each and every one of these before… even though they’re mostly new??

Enter the confusing kanji that undoubtedly looks like a bunch of OTHER kanji!!

Today’s list was a little challenging, mostly because so many of the kanji on this list resemble very closely several others that we have definitely seen before..making it very easy to confuse the two, either in pronunciation or meaning.

The trick with remembering these is paying reeeeaaallly close attention to the radicals, and the one or two little strokes that make them different.

  1. 那 ナ、ダ what? なに、 なんぞ、 いかん
  2. 汰 タ、タイ washing, sieving, filtering, weeding out, luxury おご.る、 にご.る、 よな.げる
  3. 或 あ.る、 あるい、 あるいは some, one, or, possibly, a certain ワク、 コク、 イキ
  4. 拙 セツ bungling, clumsy, unskillful つたな.い
  5. 昆 コン descendants, elder brother, insect
  6. 抹 マツ rub, paint, erase
  7. 拍 ハク、ヒョウ clap, beat (music)
  8. 侍 シ、ジ、さむらい waiter, samurai, wait upon, serve はべ.る
  9. 枢 スウ、シュ hinge, pivot, door とぼそ、 からくり
  10. 炉 ロ hearth, furnace, kiln, reactor いろり

Sample Vocab:
旦那 だんな husband; master

御無沙汰 ごぶさた long silence; neglect to write

或る ある one; a certain
或いは あるいは or; perhaps

拙者 せっしゃ I
稚拙 ちせつ naïve; artless

昆虫 こんちゅう insect
昆布 こんぶ kombu; kelp

抹茶 まっちゃ matcha; powdered green tea
抹消 まっしょう erasure
抹殺 まっさつ erasure

拍手 はくしゅ handclap
拍車 はくしゃ spur
一拍 いっぱく one beat
拍子 ひょうし time; rhythm

枢軸 すうじく axis; axle
中枢 ちゅうすう central point

侍 さむらい samurai; warrior
侍従 じじゅう chamberlain

炉 ろ fireplace; hearth
炉端 ろばた the fireside
暖炉 だんろ stove; fireplace


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