JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 79: 791~800/1017

I think I spoke too soon the other day when I said these kanji were getting easier… lol

All of today’s also look sooooo much like other kanji I have studied before, yet have a completely different pronunciation/meaning! So confusing!

  1. 弦 ゲン、つる bowstring, chord, hypotenuse
  2. 茎 ケイ、キョウ、くき stalk, stem
  3. 炎 エン、ほのお inflammation, flame, blaze
  4. 拘 コウ、かか.わる arrest, seize, concerned, adhere to, despite
  5. 盲 モウ、めくら blind, blind man, ignoramus
  6. 泌 ヒツ、ヒ ooze, flow, soak in, penetrate, secrete
  7. 岳 ガク、たけ point, peak, mountain
  8. 劾 ガイ censure, criminal investigation
  9. 奔 ホン、はし.る run, bustle
  10. 迭 テツ transfer, alternation

Sample Vocab
弦 つる bowstring, bow
弦楽器 げんがっき stringed instrument
管弦楽 かんげんがく orchestral music

茎 くき stalk; stem
地下茎 ちかけい underground stem

炎 ほのお flame; blaze
炎上 えんじょう blazing up
火炎 かえん flame; blaze
肺炎 はいえん pneumonia

拘置 こうち detention
拘束 こうそく restriction; restraint
拘泥 こうでい adherence to; being a stickler; being particular about

盲点 もうてん blind spot; scotoma
盲従 もうじゅう blind obedience
盲導犬 もうどうけん seeing eye dong; guide dog

泌尿器 ひにょうき urinary organs
分泌 ぶんぴつ secretion

岳 たけ peak; mountain
山岳 さんがく mountains

弾劾 だんがい impeachment; censure

奔走 ほんそう running about; efforts
出奔 しゅっぽん running away; decamping

更迭 こうてつ change; switch


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