JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 80: 801~810/1017

Ok, I am feeling some serious deja vu from like half of these kanji. I know I’ve studied about half of these before 😮

  1. 拐 カイ kidnap, falsify
  2. 坪 ヘイ、つぼ two-mat area, approx. thirty-six sq ft
  3. 宛 あて、あて.る address, just like, fortunately エン、-づつ、 あたか.も
  4. 窃 セツ stealth, steal, secret, private, hushed ぬす.む、 ひそ.か
  5. 貞 テイ さだ upright, chastity, constancy, righteousness
  6. 盾 ジュン、たて shield, escutcheon, pretext
  7. 叙 ジョ、confer, relate, narrate, describe つい.ず、 ついで
  8. 甚 ジン、はなは.だ、 はなは.だしい tremendously, very, great, exceedingly
  9. 洞 ドウ、ほら den, cave, excavation
  10. 盆 ボン basin, lantern festival, tray

Sample Vocab:
誘拐 ゆうかい kidnapping; abduction

坪 つぼ unit of land measurement; 3.95 square yards; 3.31 square meters
坪庭 つぼにわ inner garden (esp. small, traditional); courtyard
建坪 たてつぼ floor area

〜宛 〜あて addressed to ~; consigned to ~
宛てる あてる apply; allot
宛名 あてな addressee
宛先 あてさき address

窃盗 せっとう theft; pillage

貞淑 ていしゅく virtue; chastity
貞操 ていそう chastity; virtue
不貞 ふてい marital infidelity; unfaithfulness

盾 たて shield; buckler; escutcheon; pretext
矛盾 むじゅん contradiction

叙述 じょじゅつ description; account
叙事 じょじ description of deeds or incidents

甚だしい はなはだしい extreme; excessive
甚大 じんだい very great; immense

洞 ほら cave; den
洞穴 ほらあな / どうけつ cave; cavern

盆 ぼん tray
盆踊り ぼんおどり Bon Festival dance
旧盆 きゅうぼん Bon Festival of Lunar Calendar
盆地 ぼんち basin


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