JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 82: 821~830/1017

I felt a little better about today’s kanji since I recognized a few of them lol

Some of them still driving me mad for looking so similar to other kanji but being completely different though..lol

I’ve been putting all of these in Anki and studying them with flashcards every day now in order to memorize them. The main key really is paying attention to the slightest stroke differences between these new kanji and the ones they resemble.

  1. 眉 まゆ eyebrow ビ、ミ
  2. 桑 くわ mulberry tree そう
  3. 栓 セン plug, bolt, cork, bung, stopper
  4. 浪 ロウ wandering, waves, billows, reckless, unrestrained
  5. 逓 テイ relay, in turn, sending かわ.る、 たがいに
  6. 唐 トウ、から T’ang, China, foreign
  7. 疾 シツ rapidly はや.い
  8. 耗 モウ、コウ decrease
  9. 剛 ゴウ sturdy, strength
  10. 逐 チク pursue, drive away, chase, accomplish, attain, commit

Sample Vocab

眉 まゆ eyebrow
眉毛 まゆげ eyebrow

桑 くわ mulberry tree
桑畑 くわばたけ mulberry field

栓 せん stopper; cork; tap
栓抜き せんぬき bottle opener; corkscrew
元栓 もとせん main tap; stop tap
耳栓 みみせん earplug

浪費 ろうひ waste
波浪 はろう waves; billow
浮浪 ふろう vagrancy; vagabondage; wander around

逓信 ていしん communications
逓減 ていげん gradual decrease

唐突 とうとつ abrupt; sudden

疾患 しっかん disease; ailment
疾病 しっぺい illness; disease
疾走 しっそう sprint; dash; scamper

消耗 しょうもう consumption; exhaustion
磨耗 まもう frictional wear

剛毛 ごうもう bristle
剛健 ごうけん sturdiness; fortitude
内柔外剛 ないじゅうがいごう tough on the outside but soft at heart

逐一 ちくいち minutely; one by one
逐電 ちくでん absconded; flight
駆逐 くちく expulsion


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