Day 100 & 101 – LAST DAY!!! JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY: 1001~1017/1017

OMG… Can you believe it… WE. ARE. DONEEEEE!!!!!

TODAY is the LAST DAY of studying Kanji from this book. Why? Because we have finally reached the very last list of 10!

In 101 days, we have learned 1017 new kanji!

And way to go for anyone who has been following me along all this time!

After this day, I will probably take a short hiatus for the rest of the week, and start back up again next week with something new.

Now that we are done with the kanji book, I will be reviewing each morning specific kanji that have caught my attention throughout this study as being similar to others. I’ll be studying the radicals and coming with ways to tell the confusing ones apart.

Also, I will be going back to my grammar and reading books and now that I have 1017 new kanji under my belt, that study should be easier too.

Day 100

  1. 筈 はず notch of an arrow, ought, must, should be, expected カツ、やはず
  2. 曾 かつて once, before, formerly, ever, never, ex- ソウ、 ソ、 ゾウ、 か.って、 すなわち
  3. 貰 もら.う get, have, obtain セイ、 シャ
  4. 蒔 う.える、 ま.く sow (seeds)  シ、 ジ
  5. 碗 ワン porcelain bowl, tea cup こばち
  6. 睨 にら.む、 にら.み glaring at, authority, power, scowl at ゲイ
  7. 噂 うわさ rumor, gossip, hearsay ソン
  8. 噌 ソ boisterous かまびす.しい、ソウ、 ショウ
  9. 噛 か.む、 か.じる chew, bite, gnaw コウ、 ゴウ
  10. 蝶 チョウ butterfly

Sample Vocab

筈 はず ought to; should
手筈 てはず arrangement; plan

曾て かつて once, before, formerly, ever, never, ex-

貰う もら.う get, have, obtain

蒔く まく sow (seeds)
蒔絵 まきえ gold lacquer

碗 わん bowl (porcelain)
茶碗 ちゃわん (rice) bowl; teacup

睨む にらむ stare; glare (fiercely)

噂 うわさ rumor, gossip, hearsay

味噌 みそ soybean paste; miso
味噌汁 みそしる miso soup
味噌漬け みそづけ miso pickles

噛む かむ bite; chew
噛み切る かみきる bite off
噛み合わせる かみあわせる dental bite; occlusion
噛み締める かみしめる chew well; think about

蝶 チョウ butterfly
蝶々 ちょうちょう butterfly
揚羽蝶 あげはちょう swallowtail
紋白蝶 もんしろちょう small white butterfly

Day 101

  1. 撫 な.でる、ブ、フ stroke, pat, smooth down
  2. 頬 ほお・ほほ、キョウ cheeks, jaw
  3. 髭 ひげ beard, mustache シ、くちひげ
  4. 醤 ショウ a kind of miso ひしお
  5. 霞 かすみ、 かす.む be hazy, grow dim, blurred カ、 ゲ
  6. 蘇 よみがえ.る be resuscitated, revivedソ、ス
  7. 繍 シュウ sew, figured cloth ぬいとり

Sample Vocab

撫でる なでる to brush gently; to stroke; to caress

頬 ほお・ほほ cheek (of face)
頬杖 ほおづえ resting one’s chin on one’s hands

髭 ひげ moustache; beard; whiskers
口髭 くちひげ mustache

醤油 しょうゆ soy sauce
魚醤 ぎょしょう fish sauce

霞 かすみ mist; haze
霞む かすむ grow hazy; be misty

蘇る よみがえる to be resurrected; to be resuscitated; to be rehabilitated; to be revived; to be refreshed; to be restored

刺繍 ししゅう embroidery; embroidred design


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