Because I had a lot of time on my hands the past couple of days, and I found the next 100 words to be fairly easy to someone studying for the N1 level (a lot are reviews it seems, as I learned them while studying for N2, and a lot of katakana words too), I decided to study and upload a whole batch of 100 words at a time.

Of course, if these are new or difficult to you, you can study them at your own pace, but because this is my entire study session for the day here, I am uploading them all at once.

Hope it’s helpful!

  1. 親和 しんわ friendship
  2. 枠内 わくない within the limit
  3. 恋 こい love
  4. 夕闇 ゆうやみ dusk
  5. 満月 まんげつ full moon
  6. メッセージ message
  7. 宝くじ たからくじ lottery
  8. 矢 や arrow
  9. 文字 もじ letter; character
  10. 風景 ふうけい landscape; scene; scenery
  11. かつ and; besides; moreover
  12. 崩す くずす destroy; break down
  13. 通常 つうじょう normally; same as always
  14. 興味深い きょうみぶかい very interesting
  15. 他社 たしゃ other company
  16. 大臣 だいじん cabinet minister
  17. 本場 ほんば the home; the best place
  18. 何より なにより most; best
  19. 核家族 かくかぞく nuclear family
  20. 外部 がいぶ on the outside; external; exterior
  21. 空間 くうかん empty space; room
  22. 原動力 げんどうりょく driving force; motive power
  23. 身近 みぢか close at hand
  24. 客間 きゃくま parlor; guest room
  25. 規範 きはん standard; criteria; norm
  26. おろか neglect; negligence; carelessness; needless to say, not to mention, let alone
  27. トラブル trouble
  28. ポーズ pose
  29. ヒント hint, clue
  30. ビジネス business
  31. ぼうぜん dumbfounded; overcome with surprise; in amazement
  32. 流儀 りゅうぎ style; fashion; school of
  33. ショック shock
  34. 人柄 ひとがら personality; character; appearance
  35. 独創性 どくそうせい ingenuity; originality; creativity; resourcefulness
  36. 争い あらそい dispute, conflict, contest
  37. 逆上 ぎゃくじょう fly into a rage; be beside oneself
  38. 提供 ていきょう offer; presenting; program sponsoring
  39. 双方 そうほう mutual; both sides; both parties
  40. 再現 さいげん appearance of things a second time
  41. 赤字 あかじ deficit; loss; in the red
  42. 悪化 あっか deterioration; grow worse; aggravation; corruption
  43. 世間話 せけんばなし small talk; gossip
  44. 祖父母 そふぼ (my) grandparents
  45. 跡 あと mark; trace; remains; footstep
  46. 古代 こだい ancient times
  47. 人員 じんいん number of men
  48. 順序 じゅんじょ order; sequence; procedure
  49. 根本 こんぽん origin; source; foundation
  50. 最 さい most; best; highest
  51. 紫 むらさき purple
  52. 後半 こうはん second half
  53. 実費 じっぴ actual expense
  54. 自他 じた oneself and others
  55. 社会科学 しゃかいかがく social science
  56. 社交 しゃこう social life; social relationships; mixing with people
  57. 小銭 こぜに small change (money)
  58. 順繰り じゅんぐり in turn; in order
  59. 反発 はんぱつ backlash; opposition
  60. 傷 きず injury; wound
  61. 勝敗 しょうはい victory or defeat
  62. 商業 しょうぎょう commerce
  63. やっつける to beat up, attack, defeat
  64. 将棋 しょうぎ Shogi (Japanese chess)
  65. 職員 しょくいん employee; staff
  66. 色合い いろあい color, tinge
  67. 神秘 しんぴ mystery
  68. 手掛かり てがかり clue; key; trail
  69. 無理難題 むりなんだい impossible/unreasonable demand
  70. 天災 てんさい natural disaster
  71. 必修 ひっしゅう compulsory; required (subject)
  72. 停滞 ていたい stagnation; delay
  73. 苗 なえ young plant; seedling
  74. 不況 ふきょう recession; depression
  75. 歩数 ほすう number of steps
  76. 訪れ おとずれ visit; coming
  77. 本質 ほんしつ essence
  78. 相次ぐ あいつぐ to happen/follow one after another
  79. 民族 みんぞく race; people; nation
  80. 財団 ざいだん foundation
  81. 目盛り めもり scale, gradations (ie, cm, in, on ruler, etc)
  82. 問屋 とんや wholesaler
  83. 用語 ようご terminology
  84. リクエスト request
  85. 利害 りがい interest; advents and disadvantages
  86. 履歴 りれき personal history, background
  87. 訓練 くんれん training, practice, discipline
  88. 本番 ほんばん performance; take
  89. 保護 ほご protection; guardianship
  90. 憎しみ にくしみ hatred
  91. 台数 だいすう number of large objects (such as cars)
  92. 聴覚 ちょうかく hearing; auditory sense
  93. 根性 こんじょう spirit; guts; will power
  94. 土台 どだい foundation/base of building; from the beginning
  95. もてなす to treat, entertain
  96. 当局 とうきょく authorities
  97. 衝撃 しょうげき impact; shock
  98. 勤務 きんむ service, duty, work
  99. 例外 れいがい exception
  100. 革命 かくめい revolution (political)


I haven’t uploaded a vocabulary list from Memrise for a while because I was spending more time reviewing the previous 275 words and focusing on reading/kanji.

So this time I studied the next 50 words instead of 25. Plus, it seems the groups of words this time around were relatively easy, for being an N1 study anyway. I feel like at least 60% of these words (or possibly more) have already been studied for the N2 level, so if you have already passed that, chances are you already know many if not most of these too.

And, there were quite a bit of katakana words too.

Anyway, here you go, and happy studying!

  1. 第三者 だいさんしゃ third person
  2. 亭主 ていしゅ head of house; husband
  3. わざわざ go out of one’s way to do
  4. 邸宅 ていたく mansion; residence; home
  5. 同士 どうし fellow
  6. 興奮 こうふん excitement; agitation
  7. 傍ら かたわら while doing; besides
  8. 見なす みなす assume; regard; consider as
  9. 欠く かく lack
  10. 及ぶ およぶ to reach; come up to
  11. 稼ぐ かせぐ make money; earn
  12. 客観的 きゃっかんてき objective (not subjective)
  13. 染みる しみる soak into; sting; touch; impress
  14. 始末 しまつ end result; management; cleaning up
  15. あいまって joined with; function together; overlapping
  16. 誤る あやまる mistake; make an error
  17. 内部 ないぶ inside; interior
  18. 燃料 ねんりょう fuel
  19. 犯人 はんにん culprit; criminal
  20. 汚れ よごれ stain; smear; smudge
  21. 慣れる なれる get used to; become skilled
  22. いかに how~
  23. 顧みる かえりみる take notice of, look back
  24. かつて ate one time; in the past
  25. 欠ける かける drop out; miss; lack
  26. 視線 しせん one’s eyes; glance; look
  27. タレント celebrity; talent
  28. 世間 せけん the public; world; society; life
  29. 人物 じんぶつ figure; character (from history, novel, tv etc)
  30. 人影 ひとかげ figure of a person
  31. 親子 おやこ parent and child
  32. 真珠 しんじゅ a pearl
  33. 新人 しんじん new comer; new face; rookie
  34. 飾る かざる decorate; adorn
  35. 制服 せいふく uniform
  36. 主人公 しゅじんこう main character; hero; heroine
  37. 素養 そよう groundings in; accomplishment; training
  38. 山並み やまなみ mountain range
  39. 作家 さっか author
  40. 黒字 くろじ profits; in the black
  41. 香辛料 こうしんりょう spice
  42. 好き嫌い すききらい tastes; likes and dislikes
  43. カメラマン photographer; camera man
  44. ウイルス virus
  45. タイミング timing
  46. 収益 しゅうえき earnings; proceeds; returns; revenue
  47. 墓地 ぼち graveyard
  48. 支持 しじ support; backing up; endorse
  49. 実践 じっせん implementation; put into practice
  50. 手配 てはい arrangements; preparation; search (by police)

Day 11 Study: 2000 JLPT Vocabulary #251~275

I haven’t posted my lists of 25 in the past couple of days because I decided to take some time to review the first 250 that I had already uploaded before adding new ones.

I will probably add new lists again for the next few days, and take a couple day breaks in between to review. I’m thinking every 100 new words taking off 2-3 days to review the previous vocab cumulatively.

Here goes: #251~275

  1. 迅速 じんそく prompt; rapid
  2. 負う おう carry on one’s back; to take on
  3. 当 とう our; the very ~
  4. たたえる admire; praise
  5. 模倣 もほう imitation
  6. キャラクター character
  7. 異常 いじょう strangeness; abnormality
  8. 復興 ふっこう recovery; revival; restoration
  9. 侮辱 ぶじょく insult; contempt
  10. 末 まつ the end of ~
  11. 負担 ふたん burden; charge; responsibility
  12. 握る にぎる to hold, grip, grasp
  13. 遥か はるか in the distance; far away
  14. 融通 ゆうずう flexible, accommodating
  15. 現地 げんち spot; scene; location
  16. 危ぶむ あやぶむ to fear; be afraid
  17. 構築 こうちく construction; development
  18. 攻撃 こうげき (verbal) attack; (military) assault
  19. 孤立 こりつ isolation
  20. 吟味 ぎんみ careful investigation, selection
  21. 正午 しょうご noon
  22. 指定 してい designation
  23. かかわらず in spite of; regardless; even though; despite
  24. 寄付 きふ donation; contribution
  25. 口調 くちょう manner of speaking; tone

JLPT N1 VOCABULARY DAY 7: #201-225/2000

Here are today’s 25 new words from the Memrise App.

One of the reasons I study so many words in one day is because I personally feel that a lot of the words in this level are more like review words than brand new vocabulary. Especially for anyone who has completed level N2. (I mean, come on, 週末?? Is that REALLY N1 vocabulary?)

I feel like in every 25-word level in this app, there are about 3 words that are new to me, a few that are unfamiliar but I’ve seen before, and then all the rest (about 75%) are review words.

Anyway, here are the words and happy studying/reviewing!

  1. 添える そえる attach; append
  2. 叶える かなえる to grant (request; wish); to fulfill; to realize
  3. 瞬間 しゅんかん moment; instant
  4. 領域 りょういき area; domain; territory; field; range; region; regime
  5. 素材 そざい raw materials; subject matter
  6. 花粉 かふん pollen
  7. 火災 かさい fire
  8. どころか never mind; much
  9. 週末 しゅうまつ weekend
  10. 運命 うんめい destiny
  11. 落ち込む おちこむ to get depressed
  12. ずらっと in a line; an array of
  13. 軽率 けいそつ rash; light-headed; careless
  14. 独自 どくじ peculiar; unique characteristics; original; proprietary
  15. 露骨 ろこつ plain; open; frank
  16. 賢明 けんめい wise; sensible
  17. 高尚 こうしょう high; noble; sophisticated
  18. 案の定 あんのじょう one expected; sure enough
  19. 化学 かがく chemistry
  20. 類似 るいじ likeness; similarity
  21. 沈黙 ちんもく silence
  22. 得点 とくてん score; points
  23. 直感 ちょっかん intuition; hunch
  24. 訴訟 そしょう lawsuit
  25. 推進 すいしん propulsion; driving force; implementation; promotion (of a policy, etc)

JLPT N1 VOCABULARY DAY 6: #176-200/2000

  1. 意図 いと aim; intention
  2. 無言 むごん silence
  3. 業者 ぎょうしゃ trader; vendor
  4. 禁物 きんもつ forbidden; taboo
  5. 種 しゅ seed; cause; kind; type
  6. 短大 たんだい junior college
  7. 額 がく sum; amount; cost
  8. コマーシャル commercial
  9. 養う やしなう foster; support; take care of
  10. 促す うながす to urge; encourage; prompt
  11. 代わる かわる take one’s place
  12. 間柄 あいだがら relationship between 2 people (esp. familial)
  13. 訴える うったえる to sue; appeal; proclaim
  14. いら立つ いらだつ to be irritated
  15. 演じる えんじる to play; perform; act
  16. 不順 ふじゅん unreasonable; changeable
  17. 引き起こす ひきおこす to cause; induce
  18. へりくだる to be modest; polite
  19. 罵る ののしる to abuse; speak ill of
  20. 滲む にじむ to run; spread; blur; blot; ooze
  21. 呟く つぶやく to grumble; mutter; murmur
  22. 絡む からむ intertwine; involve; pick a quarrel
  23. 好評 こうひょう favorable reputation; popularity
  24. 親孝行 おやこうこう filial piety; devotion to one’s parents
  25. 石油 せきゆ (unrefined) oil; petroleum

JLPT N1 VOCABULARY DAY 5: #151-175/2000

Today’s 25 new words taken from the Memrise App. Happy studying!

  1. 加工 かこう manufacturing; processing; treatment; machining
  2. 改定 かいてい revision (of rule, price, etc); reform
  3. 継続 けいぞく continuation
  4. 欠如 けつじょ lack; want; shortage
  5. ボイコット boycott
  6. 労わる いたわる to pity; sympathize with; to console
  7. 口元 くちもと the mouth
  8. 脚 あし leg
  9. 航空 こうくう aviation; flying
  10. 突如 とつじょ suddenly
  11. 行政 ぎょうせい administration; government
  12. 三日月 みかづき new moon; crescent moon
  13. 手際 てぎわ performance; skill; finesse; tact
  14. キャリア career
  15. 色彩 しきさい color; hue; tint
  16. 雇用 こよう employment; hire
  17. 向上 こうじょう elevation; rise; improvement; progress; advancement
  18. 考慮 こうりょ consideration (of issue); taking into account
  19. 精神 せいしん spirit; mind; mental
  20. 酷使 こくし harsh treatment; overuse
  21. 寝かせる ねかせる put to bed
  22. 存じる ぞんじる to think; feel; consider; know
  23. 役 やく post; duty; role; part
  24. 体制 たいせい order; system; structure; set-up; organization
  25. 農薬 のうやく agricultural chemicals (pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, etc)

JLPT N1 VOCABULARY DAY 4: #126~150/2000

Today’s new 25 words study using the Memrise App

  1. 毒 どく poison; venom
  2. 棒 ぼう stick; rod; pole
  3. もたらす to bring, to carry; to cause something to happen
  4. 理性 りせい reason; sense
  5. お勧め おすすめ recommendation; encouragement
  6. 採用 さいよう adoption; employment; start making use of
  7. 逆転 ぎゃくてん reverse; come from behind
  8. 上昇 じょうしょう rise; boost; ascent
  9. 当然 とうぜん obviously; of course
  10. 隊員 たいいん (multiple) group members
  11. 証拠 しょうこ evidence; proof
  12. 相応 そうおう suitability; fitness (ex. Act one’s age)
  13. 葉書 はがき postcard
  14. メーカー manufacturer
  15. 当店 とうてん our (this) store, shop
  16. 況して まして much more; to say nothing of
  17. 自社 じしゃ one’s own company
  18. ロマン romance
  19. 大幅 おおはば large scale; full width; dramatic
  20. 暦 こよみ calendar
  21. 老人 ろうじん aged; old person; the elderly
  22. 従来 じゅうらい past; usual; so far; traditional
  23. 良質 りょうしつ good quality
  24. 吸血 きゅうけつ blood sucking
  25. 権力 けんりょく power, authority