JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 95: 951~960/1017

Today’s kanji! yay~

  1. 弊 ヘイ abuse, evil, vice, breakage
  2. 賓 ヒン I.P., guest
  3. 勲 クン、いさお meritorious deed, merit
  4. 憧 あこが.れる yearn after, long for, aspire to, admire, adore ショウ、 トウ、 ドウ
  5. 篤 トク fervent, kind, cordial, serious, deliberate あつ.い
  6. 墾 コン ground-breaking, open up farmland
  7. 擁 ヨウ hug, embrace, possess, protect, lead
  8. 壌 ジョウ lot, earth, soil つち
  9. 儒 ジュ Confucian
  10. 礁 ショウ reef, sunken rock

Sample Vocab:

弊害 へいがい adverse effect; harmful effect; harmful result; malady; negative effect; harmful influence; evil practice
弊社 へいしゃ our firm (company)
疲弊 ひへい exhaustion; impoverishment

賓客 ひんきゃく guest of honour; guest of honor
来賓 らいひん guest; visitor
国賓 こくひん guest of the state

勲功 くんこう  distinguished service; merits
勲章 くんしょう decoration; medal
殊勲 しゅくん distinguished service

憧れる あこがれる to long for; to yearn after; to admire; to be attracted by

篤実 とくじつ sincerity; faithfulness
危篤 きとく critical condition

墾田 こんでん new rice field
開墾 かいこん reclamation

擁護 ようご protection; advocacy; support; defence; championship; vindication
擁立 ようりつ back; support
抱擁 ほうよう embrace; hug; holding in one’s arms

土壌 どじょう soil; ground

儒学 じゅがく Confucianism
儒家 じゅか Confucianist
儒教 じゅきょう Confucianism

環礁 かんしょう sunken rocks; reef
暗礁 あんしょう sunken rock; reef
サンゴ礁 さんごしょう coral reef; atoll

JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 85: 851~860/1017

Alright… today, finally some kanji that I recognize! Lol

This made studying today a tad bit easier than the past few days. Let’s see what they are!

  1. 凄 すご.い uncanny, weird, threatening, horrible すさ.まじい、さむ.い、セイ、 サイ
  2. 渓 ケイ mountain stream, valley たに、 たにがわ
  3. 悠 ユウ permanence, distant, long time, leisure
  4. 粛 シュク solemn, quietly, softly スク、つつし.む
  5. 菊 キク chrysanthemum
  6. 窒 チツ plug up, obstruct
  7. 猛 モウ fierce, rave, rush, become furious, wildness, strength
  8. 喝 カツ hoarse, scold
  9. 尉 イ、ジョウ military officer, jailer, old man, rank
  10. 渉 ショウ、わた.る ford, go cross, transit, ferry, import, involve


Sample Vocab:
凄い すごい terrific; tremendous; horrible
もの凄い ものすごい ghastly; terrific

渓谷 けいこく valley; ravine
渓流 けいりゅう mountain torrent
雪渓 せっけい snowy valley

悠々 ゆうゆう quiet; calm; without difficulty
悠然 ゆうぜん calmly; composedly
悠長 ゆうちょう leisurely; slowly
悠久 ゆうきゅう eternity

粛清 しゅくせい purge; cleanup
自粛 じしゅく self imposed control
厳粛 げんしゅく serious; solemn

菊 きく chrysanthemum
菊花 きくか / きっか chrysanthemum flower
菊人形 きくにんぎょう chrysanthemum figure

窒息 ちっそく suffocation
窒素 ちっそ nitrogen

猛烈 もうれつ impetuosity; rapidity
猛攻 もうこう fierce attack
勇猛 ゆうもう daring; valor

喝采 かっさい cheers; applause
一喝 いっかつ thundering voice; roar

中尉 ちゅうい first lieutenant
大尉 たいい captain; lieutenant

渉外 しょうがい public relations; liaison
交渉 こうしょう negotiation; bargaining
干渉 かんしょう interference; intervention

JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 42: 421~430/1017

Welcome back! Today’s new kanji, from numbers #421-430. We’re really racking up the numbers of kanji added to our mental databases huh? And in not too long we will be halfway there! 500 is fast approaching.

And the good thing about today’s list is in my opinion, it’s fairly easy compared to some of the other days, particularly the last half of them. Not very difficult to write and chances are you may already be familiar with them, or have at least seen them around in your earlier studies.

Happy studying!

  1. 褒 ホウ、ほ.める praise, extol
  2. 憤 フン、いきどお.る aroused, resent, be indignant, anger
  3. 凝 ギョウ、こ.る、 こ.らす congeal, freeze, stiff, be absorbed in こご.らす、 こご.らせる、 こご.る
  4. 還 カン send back, return かえ.る
  5. 薦 セン、すす.める recommend, mat, advise, encourage, offer
  6. 譲 ジョウ、ゆず.る defer, turnover, transfer, convey
  7. 寸 スン measurement, tenth of a shaku, a little, small
  8. 穴 ケツ、あな hole, aperture, slit, cave, den
  9. 沖 チュウ、おき open sea, offing, rise high into sky おきつ、 ちゅう.する、 わく
  10. 豆 トウ、ズ、まめ beans, pea, midget


Sample Vocab:

褒める ほめる praise; speak well of
褒美 ほうび reward; prize

憤る いきどおる getting angry; become irate
憤慨 ふんがい anger; indignation
憤激 ふんげき anger; indignation

凝る こる be absorbed in; get stiff
肩凝り かたこり stiff shoulders
凝固 ぎょうこ solidification
凝視 ぎょうし staring; gazing

還元 かんげん restoration; reduction
還暦 かんれき one’s 60th birthday
返還 へんかん return; restoration
生還 せいかん coming back alive

薦める すすめる recommend
推薦 すいせん recommendation
自薦 じせん recommending oneself
特薦 とくせん special recommendation

譲る ゆずる transfer; sell; yield to
譲歩 じょうほ concession; compromise
譲渡 じょうと transfer; conveyance

寸法 すんぽう measurements; size
寸前 すんぜん immediately before
寸評 すんぴょう brief review; brief comment

穴 あな hole; gap; deficit
墓穴 ぼけつ grave
洞穴 どうけつ・ほらあな cave; cavern

沖 おき the offing; open sea
沖釣り おきつり offshore angling

豆 まめ bean
豆腐 とうふ tofu; soybean curd
納豆 なっとう natto; fermented soybeans
大豆 だいず soybean

JLPT N1 Grammar Points:〜ずにはおかない・〜ずにはいられない・ないではいられない・ざるを得ない

Today’s grammar point is a long one. Here are 5 expressions that all have slightly similar meanings and usages yet are all a little difference in terms of nuance and formality.

The general idea is expressing “can’t help doing” or “can’t just do” something.

Happy studying!


  • expresses a strong will
  • ~ will definitely happen

Employee: The group leader is one who always makes everything black and white, so he can’t be flexible.

I think it was tragic to lose again by penalty kick shootout. The team strongly swears to repay this debt at the next game.


  • just had to ~/ couldn’t help but ~
  • action from feeling that can’t be contained
  • formal

The cake I tried at the department store was so good, I couldn’t help buying it.


  • feeling cannot be contained
  • cannot put up with something

She just can’t help talking about her grandchildren.

The homeroom teacher can’t help but complain about every little thing the students do.


  • not doing ~ is unforgivable (according to societal norms)
  • “you can’t just ~”


A: I don’t really feel like working for that company anymore.
B: What an irresponsible thing to say. You already signed a contract, so you can’t just say “I don’t want to work anymore.”


  • must do ~ unwillingly
  • ~ is necessary due to the circumstances


A: Did you make the last train last night?
B: No, I missed it. And I couldn’t catch a taxi, so I had no choice but to walk home.


A:I heard you are the project leader this time?
B:Yeah, I had no choice but to do it. I really don’t want to.

JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 18: 181~190/1017

Woohoo! We’re almost at 200 new kanji!

Here are the new 10 for today:

  1. 衰 スイ・おとろ(える)decline, wane, weaken
  2. 裂 レツ・さ(く)・さ(ける)split, rend, tear
  3. 賄 ワイ・まかな(う)bribe, board, supply, finance
  4. 漂 ヒョウ・ただよ(う)drift, float (on liquid)
  5. 稼 カ・かせ(ぐ)earnings, work, earn money
  6. 縫 ホウ・ぬ(う)sew, stitch, embroider
  7. 抗 コウ・あらが(う)confront, resist, defy, oppose
  8. 妥 ダ gentle, peace, depravity
  9. 序 ジョ・ついでpreface, beginning, order, precedence, occasion, chance, incidentally
  10. 宮 キュウ・グウ・ク・みや Shinto shrine, constellations, palace, princess


Example Vocab:

衰える おとろえる decay; get weak
衰弱 すいじゃく weakening; asthenia
衰退 すいたい decay; decline
老衰 ろうすい decrepitude

裂く さく tear; split
破裂 はれつ explosion
分裂 ぶんれつ disunion; split
決裂 けつれつ rupture; break down

賄う まかなう cover; pay
賄賂 わいろ bribe
収賄 しゅうわい acceptance of the bribe
贈賄 ぞうわい bribery

漂う ただよう drift; float
漂流 ひょうりゅう drifting
漂白 ひょうはく bleaching

共稼ぎ ともかせぎ two incomes
荒稼ぎ あらかせぎ making easy money
稼業 かぎょう business
稼働・稼動 かどう operation; work

縫う ぬう sew; stitch
縫合 ほうごう suture; seam
縫製 ほうせい sewing
裁縫 さいほう sewing; needle work

抗議 こうぎ protest; objection
抗争 こうそう conflict; struggle
対抗 たいこう antagonism
抵抗 ていこう resistance; opposition

妥協 だきょう compromise
妥結 だけつ compromise; settlement
妥当 だとう validity; propriety

秩序 けつじょ order; system
順序 じゅんじょ order; system
序幕 じょまく prelude; opening act

お宮 おみや shrine
宮殿 きゅうでん palace
宮廷 きゅうてい the Court